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The whole pig roast cookery

A while back we had a great article written by Oakland Magazine about us and our whole pig roast cooking. I wanted to share that article with you all.

Have Pig Roaster,

Will Travel

By Anna Mindess

Got a hankerin’ to invite the gang over for a plate of succulent roast pork, but don’t wanna dig a pit in your backyard to bury the beast? No worries. Simone Fung and Sebastian Mendieta of S+S Gastro Grub will zip over with their mobile pig roaster and do the cooking for you.

This Oakland couple has been wowing diners at local pop-ups, underground dinners, fundraising events and private parties since 2007. “We actually bring dinner and a show,” explains Fung. During the four hours it takes to grill the meat to perfection in their mobile roaster — a charcoal-fired Dutch oven on wheels — the beast, injected with a marinade of sour orange juice, garlic, oregano and cumin, emanates an irresistible aroma. Guests ooh and ahh as the whole split pig, cradled in its grilling basket, is expertly flipped over the glowing coals. “Our goal,” says Mendieta, “is super crispy skin.” The finished porcine flesh is served with a choice of tangy sauces and creative sides such as hickory smoked mac and cheese.

Both Fung and Mendieta still have day jobs (for the moment) and cater evenings, weekends and holidays. The self-taught kitchen pros did their culinary research on global explorations from her native Hong Kong and his native Nicaragua. They share a live/work loft in Jingletown, an Oakland artists’ neighborhood.

Berkeley’s The Local Butcher supplies 100 percent pasture-raised lamb or pork for the mobile roastery. Ask for an Oink and Oyster Party, and while the pig roasts, Mendieta will shuck a mountain of oysters for Fung to top with crème fraîche and a heap of caviar or habanero-flavored tobiko.

Their motto, “oaktown flava. napa roots,” honors their favorite local eateries: Commis, Plum and Camino, plus the inspiring innovations at Napa Valley’s Ad Hoc and French Laundry. The duo’s dream is to expand their catering business and set up a cooking school for troubled Oakland youth.


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